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J&K Horticulture Marketing Department
Guidelines - Agriculture Export License
Guidelines for obtaining Agriculture Export License
The State of Jammu of Kashmir has been declared Agri Export Zone for Apples and Walnuts. Persons interests in export business of apples and walnuts have to obtain export license. Procedure for obtaining export license is given below for general information of the interested parties:-
  1. A prospective exporter must apply to regional licensing authority, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for Importer/Exporter Code Number (IEC No.) in the prescribed form. The form also provides for submission of a banker certificate and requisite fee of Rs. 1500/-
  2. This application form can be filled through internet also. Exporter must possess a Permanent Account Number (PAN) from Income Tax Office.
  3. After securing IEC No. the exporter can apply for registration with APEDA which can be done through internet also. For this, exporter has to fill the application form and submit a copy of PAN No. IEC No., Banker’s Certificate as common requirement depending upon the status of the company. Additional documents are also required. For example a partnership firm must submit a self attested copy of valid partnership deed, a private Ltd. must submit self attested copy of memorandum of articles and association. Similarly a society or association must submit the memorandum of articles and association.
  4. An exporter can get registered as Merchant Exporter or Manufacturer Exporter.
  5. If registering as Manufacturer Exporter, the exporter must also submit a valid certificate of registration with District Industries Centre.
  6. A one time registration fees of Rs. 1000/- has also got to be paid. Fee is common for any type of exporter i.e. Merchant Exporter or Manufacturer Exporter.
  7. The fee of Rs. 1000/- can be paid either through credit card ( Master or Visa Card if applying directly though internet) or through Demand draft in favour of APEDA payable at New Delhi.
  8. An exporter applying through internet but not possessing a credit card can send demand draft alongwith covering letter clearly stating that application has been filed through internet.
  9. Upon receipt APEDA will process the same and issue a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC).
  10. In case of Merchant Exporter the RCMC is valid for ever.
  11. In case of Manufacturer Exporter the validity of RCMC will only be in consonance with validity of DIC Registration. Exporters will, therefore, have to revalidate their DIC Registration and apply to APEDA for revalidation of RCMC.
  12. One of the mandatory conditions of RCMC is submission of regular monthly returns in the proforma provided in the covering letter while forwarding RCMC to the exporter by APEDA. The return has to be regularly filed even if there is nil export. Non submission of returns or nil returns for 12 consecutive months would lead to de-registration.
  13. The specimen copies of the application forms are available with Deputy Director Horticulture Planning & Marketing Rajbagh Srinagar/Narwal Jammu who can be contacted by the interested parties for an additional information or guidance.