Order No-318-DHPM of 2018
Postfacto sanction to the grant of 20 Days Earned Leave in favour of Mr Shabir Ahmad Kalkati, Gradi ...
Order No-317-DHPM of 2018
Postfacto sanction to the commutation of 66 Days Commuted Leave into 132 Days half pay leave in fav ...
Order No-315-DHPM of 2018
Transfer of Mr. Feroz Ahmad Rather, Orderly
Important Circular - Regarding Official e-mail ID
Order No-311-DHPM of 2018
Physical Verification of Stocks
Order No-312-DHPM of 2018
Functioning of IT Section of Directorate of Horticulture Planning & Marketing
Important Circular - Regarding Leave
Order No. 305-DHPM of 2018 Dated: 31-07-2018
Withdrawal of Transfer Orders
Order No. 304-DHPM of 2018 Dated: 30-07-2018
Environmental Policy Group V/s Union of India & Ors. in PIL No. 05 of 2018-issuance of order with r ...
Order No. 303-DHPM of 2018 Dated: 28-07-2018
Transfer/Posting of Officers