DPC of Non-Gazetted Employees
Conducting of DPC of Non-Gazetted Employees of Horticulture Planning & Marketing Department
Order No-218-DHPM OF 2018
Drawal of Salary and Other Claims of Jammu Division - Operating of Funds thereof
Order No-217-DHPM OF 2018
Transfer and Posting of Ministerial Staff
Order No-213-DHPM OF 2018
Transfer and Adjustment of Mrs. Roheena Akhtar
Order No-212-DHPM OF 2018
Transfer and Posting of Class-IV
Order No-211-DHPM OF 2018
Posting of Executive Engineer Horticulture Planning & Marketing Jammu
Order No-210-DHPM OF 2018
Constitution of Purchase Committee for APMC's
Order No-192-DHPM OF 2018
Transfer and Posting
Order No-190-DHPM OF 2018
Transfer of Shri Sachin Bali Steno-Typist
Order No-188-DHPM OF 2018
Posting of Newly Appointed Junior Assistant